paragraph present tense and past tense

Nama : Mochamad Yoga Edwin
NPM : 20208814
Kelas : 3EB14

Visit to grandfather house
My Grandfather lives in medan, he very interest with a veteran, My grandfather came home because I do not have long to return home with the family. Now I am preparing for medan today all purposes in the collected and the trim ranging from food supplies clothes toiletries and medications that will be in need. My grandfather has been working in soldier since he schoolarship.

I am leaving for jakarta now. In road the views very beautifull, my sister is eating breakfeast on the road, she is hungry now, long journey across the various fields ranging from heavy road until the light, but it allfeels tida because we really enjoy the journey
hile enjoying the trip but we also have to be careful on the road because we want tosurvive to the house of grandfather

not felt after the very long journey that eventually we all arrived safely, feeling happy,tired, sad mix in grandfather house, my car arrives at 22.30. we were all very tired from traveling far enough. I am sleeping now. because tomorrow much to do and talk with all of them.


Maroon 5 Concert

Maroon 5 was concerting last night, atmosphere at JCC Senayan very crowded so many fans who came to enliven the concert. I went to senayan after my friend had had lunch, I think I am going to be happy, we had been entering for one hour before the concert at the start. turns out people had thronged the road to senayan although congestion has occurredafter the concert maroon 5 I still have to get there because he is our favorite bands

I had been waiting for a maroon 5 for two hour. before the appearance of maroon 5 in content with the performance of local artist alexa band. top event appearances came in had been waiting for finally maroon 5 go up and greetthe fans sang songs on the album we all really enjoyed the song that they bring

do not feel we had many hours were invited to sing enjoy the music that they bring, onelast song maroon 5 bring the end of the show marks the end of the concert maroon 5 inJakarta, although in a state of fatigue but not tiring because of complacency that has been in the show maroon 5 hope the concert event of international bands to hold on Bring order to become entertainment for the community
finally we went to home after he had had he concert.


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